Looking for proven ways to lose weight? You do not know where to start, so that you’re satisfied with the results achieved after a few months? Almost every one of us today is looking for proven, safe and effective ways to get rid of fat and reach a satisfying figure. The main cause of overweightness is, first and foremost, unhealthy lifestyles, lack of physical activity and the wrong proportion of consumed fats. Additioanlly, alcohol abuse also contributes to being overweight, which we often forget. Lack of time and willingness to cook makes us more susceptible to sweet temptations or modified foods. First of all, if we want to eat healthily, we must resist bad habits and be ready to make new changes in our lives.


It’s worth starting with five meals a day, which will have smaller portions, but at the same time they will consist of valuable ingredients. Additionally, you should start by eating a full breakfast, and remember to make the last meal, that is dinner, rich in vitamins. Avoid fast food bars as well as deep-fried foods. Another important factor in healthy eating is to never forget regular physical activity. Its deficiency not only affects our health, but primarily causes a decrease in metabolism, so that the body does not burn extra calories. It’s therefore worthwhile to rethink your diet and decide to work with an experienced coach who will help you lose weight.